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The Classic Sindy Doll was created for Cameo Guild Inc. by Anne Zielinski-Old & distributed by Danbury Mint UK Division of MBI (USA). Sindy® is a registered trademark of Pedigree Dolls and Toys Limited. 'Classic' Sindy and 'That Gorgeous Face' © Anne Zielinski-Old 2007
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Meet the team!

Anne Zielinski-Old is an internationally recognized fashion designer, artist, author and product innovator, with expertise in the high-fashion doll market. Anne discovered an opportunity with the Sindy doll archives and desired to design, create and market a viable new brand, called 'Classic Sindy'

Anne partnered with CGI , USA, to Art Direct and manage the development of the Classic Sindy Brand, negotiate the Style Guide with Pedigree Group Ltd, contribute and collaborate in original marketing strategy, designing dolls and accessories, crafting copy and layout design, and approving the “look” of the Sindy Brand with customers, in all territories granted by the license.

07.12.05, Chuck Harley, President CGI wrote in an email to Peter Maglathlin CEO, Danbury Mint USA and Ann Rogers to have Anne Zielinski-Old build the brand.

Patric Old, whose doll paintings and photography are internationally exhibited and published in Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine, came on board as graphic designer and photographer to create the ultimate cinematic swinging 60's image for the revisionist Classic Sindy Doll. CGI is a merchandise/licensing organization with expertise in Product Development, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution.

CGI acquired the world-wide license to the Classic Sindy Brand in order to promote, manufacture, market and distribute Classic Sindy Brand merchandise in all channels of distribution.

MBI, Inc. (The Danbury Mint) is a US based direct mail distributor with an operating division in the UK. MBI is purchasing Classic Sindy merchandise from CGI to distribute in the UK and US. MBI has requested first right of refusal to introduce the Classic Sindy Brand into retail distribution.

Manufacturer were Ceramasters Taiwan Ltd. Mr Ric Potenz managed and represented of MBI USA in the manufacturing process.

Prototype Doll : Anne Zielinski-Old
Photography and Style: Patric Old

More fabulous than ever, revisionist Sindy is the ultimate British Mod fashion doll. With her sweet face, wholesome ways, the quintessential girl next door, she embodies the beat of the swinging 60s, The Beatles, Twiggy, Mary Quant, Carnaby Street..the World Cup, in other words all the good times for "GB".

Coming September! Further pages on the vision, the development, the correspondence, and original photography and logos.