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An interview with Germany’s premiere collector of the Lilli doll, Inge Astor-Kaiser.

'39 Actually!' © Anne Zielinski-Old

An exhibit for auction, to commemorate Barbie's 40th anniversary for The Elton John AIDS
Foundation exhibition,"The Art of Barbie" in 1999 at the Proud
Gallery, London.

Assorted Media on Paper 20" X 26"

madam alexander cissy doll

Cissy at Fifty

Prints commemorating the opening of Alexander
Doll Company Heritage Museum NYC and Cissy's
50th Anniversary.The
original art can be seen
at the museum.

sindy goregeous face

That Gorgeous Face©

Meet the designer and team behind the new Classic Sindy brand, launched December 2006. First in the commemorative  porcelain series is 'Weekender', the first Sindy marketed in 1962, in a new interpretation of the original outfit and body. Read the story of the vision and her journey onto the market....

The Classic Sindy Doll was created for Cameo Guild Inc. by Anne Zielinski-Old & distributed by Danbury Mint UK Division of MBI (USA). Sindy® is a registered trademark of Pedigree Dolls and Toys Limited. 'Classic' Sindy and 'That Gorgeous Face' © Anne Zielinski-Old 2007

barbie designer
Barbie® is a registered trademark of Mattel Inc.